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What Is An Off Road Manufacturer?

Southern Utah is popular for having some of the best off-roading trails in the world. People from all over come to see how far they can push their machines against the rugged terrain. Whether or not they make it depends on two things- the skill of the driver and the type of rig they’re driving.

What happens if you can’t get the exact type of off-roading rig you want for your adventures? Well, you build it, of course!

That’s what we here at Red Dot Engineering choose to do.

Manufacturing Off-Road Vehicles

While most people are aware of large companies that manufacture off-roading vehicles, few are aware that local companies also do it, on a smaller scale. These manufacturers may not have large assembly lines churning out vehicles but they don’t need them. They have the expertise, experience, and passion to dedicate themselves to building custom recreational vehicles to satisfy their clients’ demands. These vehicles are designed for excellent performance and maximum fun on the trails.

Red Dot Engineering

Red Dot Engineering is an off-road manufacturer located in St. George Utah. We specialize in making off-road vehicles that can help you get off the beaten path and have adventures beyond the pavement. Our goal is to give our customers more variety to choose from and build vehicles that can handle any kind of terrain thrown at them from rocks to sand or mud.

We fabricate and modify plenty of recreational off-roading vehicles including RZRs, SxS, and Buggies. We also stock different accessories and parts e.g. bolt-on accessories, fabrication brackets, and tabs to help our clients complete their different builds or projects. Whether you need to complete the suspension, engines, or roll cages, we have what you need.

We ensure that we only use high-quality materials and make sure that each part is designed with precision. This helps us guarantee that the final products and vehicles will be durable and tough enough to withstand rock climbing, dune shredding, and anything else they encounter on the trails.

When building off-road vehicles, we employ industry-standard techniques including laser cutting, shearing, and tumbling, among others to ensure that the resulting vehicles not only handle well but also grab attention wherever they go.

The team at Red Dot Engineering has experience building some of the best custom recreational off-roading vehicles in St. George. We can help bring your dream buggy, RZR, or SxS to life with the best techniques and quality materials to ensure the vehicle’s integrity, performance, and durability. Contact us today and let’s get started on your dream vehicle.

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