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Building A Buggy With Our Off Road Manufacturing Team

Buggies are the ultimate DIY vehicles. With some automotive knowledge and a few parts, you could easily build your own buggy right at home. These vehicles are perfect for those looking for a rig to take rock crawling or drive over sand and even mud.

A buggy DIY project can be time-consuming, especially if you’re doing it from scratch. You have to hunt down the different parts, draw a plan, weld parts together and test out the vehicle. Things could be a little easier if you started with a VW Beetle chassis because that would take care of some of the work but these chassis aren’t lying around.

Another option would be to get an off-road manufacturer to do it for you. At Red Dot Engineering we have the right experience, expertise, and equipment to build buggies from scratch. Customers can choose to either purchase a chassis from us and finish the buggy themselves using a buggy kit or they can discuss their dream buggy with us and leave us to do the heavy work.

Building a Buggy

One good reason to leave the buggy-building to us is that we understand all the aspects required to come up with a kick-ass buggy that won’t let you down, no matter the trail. Additionally, we have the equipment and know the process needed to complete the job including laser cutters and welding machines that might not be lying around in your backyard.

To design and build a buggy, you need to think not only about the chassis but also the powertrain, suspension, aerodynamics, weight distribution, and safety. All these affect and complement each other.


To ensure a smooth ride, you need to make sure that your buggy has good shocks. You also need to account for long suspension travel and the camber change it produces. Additionally, you need to take into account the weight of the dampers, springs, and other suspension components. These must be kept as light as possible to avoid adding to the buggy’s weight.

Weight distribution

This is affected by the engine position. A buggy is typically lighter in the front than the rear because of the engine position. You also need to take into account left/right weight distribution.


To maximize speed on those high-speed runs and turns on the trail, you need to minimize the drag created by the frontal area.


Safety for buggy drivers is crucial. When building one, we ensure that there’s a rollover cage, a harness, bumper, a racing seat, and adequate fuel and fire protection.

You don’t have to do all the hard work of building a buggy yourself. We at Red Dot Engineering can do it for you, ensuring that it meets safety standards, handle well and go the distance. Contact us today to discuss your dream buggy.

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